Monday, January 18, 2010


I was going to make a list.
I had it all figured out. I realized that in the process of composing this blog, I had become very boring. I was too afraid to be me and too overwhelmed to write and I thought - hey, I'll make a list. That's easy.
I decided I would make a list of the things I love. Ya know, one of those lists that single-handedly reveals your quirkiness and brings you back to the heart of gratitude. So I sat down to compose said list...
In my head I envisioned myself, pen in hand, writing furiously, just trying to keep up with the avalanche of gratitude pouring forth. Instead, I sat at the computer with a blank screen mocking me.
There are some givens. I love my husband. (Like full, deep, I get those pesky tears in the corners of my eyes when I think about how amazing it is that I get to live life with him, kind of love) I love my kids. (Do not even get me started on that subject...there's not a blog entry long enough.) I love my friends. (There are not words to put around the awesomeness of the ladies in my life. For years I prayed for real friends and man, did God ever give me amazing friends.) I love Starbucks...not their prices, but I love the place, I love the experience of working there (mostly the people I worked with), I love the drinks, I love pretty much everything there... And I love California. Or at least Southern California - I haven't ventured up north yet. But then, my mind starts to get jumbled.
The past few years have been a whirlwind. Two surprise children, crazy jobs that were both incredible and taxing, and a whole lot of life has led me to a place where I don't really know what I like. So, I've decided I need to slow down. I need to start processing life. I need to pause and really experience it all and find those joys and celebrate them. I decided it's time to stop living a small life and really start living...and loving.
So there.
I'm hoping there will be a wickedly cool list in a few months. Why? Because I slowed down and really appreciated all that flows in and out of my day on a regular basis. And because I took risks and tried new things and finally noticed some of the things that had been there all along...
Stay tuned.

Oooh...I just realized one other thing I love: PICTURES. So, why not include one? Here's a snapshot of one of my new best friends, Parker. She gets life and she taught me a lot about enjoying it. And I love her.

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  1. Amy! Just so you know your blog today has inspired me...who doesn't need to slow down and enjoy life? The picture of Parker along with your blog has made me realize that God has given me a lot more than I sometimes remember... I need to take the time to remember what makes me who I am and start living life and not just go through the day to day motions! Look forward to reading your list and maybe I'll start one for myself...