Thursday, May 27, 2010

No Words...

You know.
I know you do.
Or maybe I just hope you do...

You know those times - the times when your heart is full.  Full of emotions that cannot quite be summed up in useful words like grateful, love, wonderful and the like because it's just too intense.  (And you are intimidated by thesauruses so you dare not try to find more adequate words)

You sit down - ready to put it all out there.
Ready to bear your very heart that is brimming with all these warm fuzzies.
And you sit.
And become frustrated.
And angry with yourself.
Because the words your fingers type are lame.  And sound cliche.  And go a whole bunch of nowhere.

Today is that day.

I love these pictures that you're about to see.  (Provided you've hung in with me this long)
I love these people in these pictures.  Big time.
I am so grateful for these client-friends that I can't find words.

So take a look at these pictures and maybe my heart will somehow be translated.  And maybe someday the ones who are missing (you know who you are) will get to be there next time, too.

And to these precious people - thank you for being you.  And for being you with a camera in your face a decent amount of the time.   Because as I hope you see - you let me in to the real you.  You forgot the camera was there.  You embraced that moment.  You played freeze tag.  You tickled.  You breathed in all that it means to be little.  And you weren't afraid to show it.  Thank you.

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