Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Smith Family

Tomorrow she will board a plane.
But today, she will laugh.  And possibly shed a tear or two.  But I know she'll laugh.  It's what she does.  And I love it.
She's headed to Tanzania.
To learn.
To love.
To experience.
To grow.
To follow dreams.
For 8 months she will live and learn and serve there. celebrate this time, she and her family decided to take some pictures.  To press pause on this moment.  This beautiful moment.  And to capture their laughs before they are spread out among two continents.

Precious, wonderful Smith family...there are not words to put around how much I loved spending time with you.  I instantaneously wanted to be an honorary member of your family.  My insides still do flips over the honor of capturing the beauty of your family.  You guys are incredible.  And hilarious.  And I loved every second of it.  I hope you know that.

And Kelly, oh. my. goodness.  You are beyond precious.  And our family will be praying for you and following your blog the entire time.  And when you get back, I say you and your roommates and/or even your family come over for dinner.

So, friends, here is a glimpse of some of the awesome I got to hang out with...  (and there's a full slideshow with more images at the bottom!)

First, meet the ever adorable and incredibly beautiful Kelly

So beautiful.

Kelly and Annie, one of her best friends.  If you meet them, ask them for stories about Jello.  You'll thank me.

Oh, Mrs. Jane, no wonder your daughter is so beautiful.

I have a feeling a tap dancing story was mentioned here...

Starbucks is probably going to want to use these 3 as models.

The way her dad looks at her makes me smile every time.

Annie, you are soooooooo beautiful


These two are beyond precious and gorgeous.  And as soon as your done looking at these pictures go listen to Sara's music at  You'll thank me.  Or play the slideshow at the bottom of their pictures.

To see more pictures, check out this slideshow.  And prepare yourself to be blown away by the music.  It's by Sara, who is also one of the lovely ladies in the pictures above.  Head on over to to hear more of her incredible music and check out her concert schedule.  And Sara, thank you so much for letting me use this piece for the slideshow.  I'm in love...

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