Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Rebecca and Keith

Sometimes you just know.
You meet them.  Your insides start begging you to freeze time; to take every last detail in.  You know that you want to spend all of your days with them.  You want to share laughs together when you're sitting in rocking chairs.  You want to learn every portion of this person's life and be there as their story continues to unfold.  You know you don't want to go another day without them.
These two had that kind of start.  Within a couple of weeks they were engaged.  And yeah, the world might sometimes think it's a little fast, but to watch the way he looks at her and listen to how she talks about him, you just know
And soon, these two will welcome into the world an adorable little lady who will bear the name Sophia.  (Not Sonia...)  And let me tell you two things I know.  This little girl will be loved by two incredible parents.  And she's going to be gorgeous, I mean, just look at her mom.
Keith and Rebecca, thank you so much for letting me spend time with you two.  Thank you for fun stories shared over Einstein's bagels.  And for racing while 8 months pregnant on the beach.  And for walking all over Lincoln Park.  You two...  You two are precious.  And kind.  And so wonderful.  And I'm just glad I finally got to hang out with you.  And at such a precious time in your lives.  I cannot wait to meet this little Sophia.  She is one blessed lady to have you two as her parents.  And I am still secretly hoping we can convince you guys to move to Chicago...

Oh, Rebecca, even your belly is adorable.

There are not words for how much I love this picture.  And how great I think the two people in it are...(And the runners in the background)

LOVE LOVE LOVE and love some more...

Because, it's a girl.

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