Thursday, May 13, 2010

We are family

Sometimes you meet those people and exchange that "Hi, my name is" and suddenly you find yourself a few months down the road wondering how you lived life without them.
They waltz into your life and plunge beneath that friend level to family.
And not the kind of family that causes your left eye to twitch as you contemplate Thanksgiving, but the family that has that ability to make you feel "home" no matter where you are or what you're doing.
These girls.  These girls are my family.
Which might explain why I've been teary eyed ever since they left to go out to various places in the world. 
And why I can't drive past Wheaton College without fanning my face in an attempt not to cry.
They're family.
And I love them.

Catherine, Erin, Hilary and Kaitlin...  Oh my goodness.  I love you ladies.  For real.  Thank you for letting me into your lives.  Thank you for entering into mine.  Thank you for being a part of some of the greatest chai latte conversations and chocolate chip pancake breakfasts I've ever had.  Thank you for diving into the messiness of my life.  And for still coming back.  Thank you for being the ones I could call at 1 am when I thought I was in labor and wasn't.  Thank you for walking through it all with me.  Thank you for cursing during horrendously hot half-marathons and making me feel a little more human.  And thank you for abandoning your schedules, homework and life as cool college students to be a part of mine.  Gosh, I love you ladies.  And though Europe, South Africa, Dominican Republic, Peru and downtown Chicago are very lucky to have you and I'm thrilled for your time there, our house feels a little less like home without your cars in our driveway and our polka dot mugs in your hands.  (I may retire them for you until you come back) 

So, meet some of my family...







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