Monday, July 19, 2010

Amanda and Jake

Mutual friends.
That's how it all started.
They just so happened to share some of the same friends, which led them to be at the same house at the same time.  And from there, he realized he had found one of the most amazing girls in the world and she started to realize that he was the kind of guy you'd never want to let get away.
Six years later, he presented her with a ring because she's the girl he'd never want to live another day without.

Next year, Amanda and Jake will be sharing vows to share all of life together.  The ups and downs.  The sickness and the health.  The laughter and the tears.  And to keep choosing love: when it's hard, when you couldn't imagine anything else and every moment in between.  And I couldn't be more excited for them.  Unfortunately, our dates didn't work out for me to be a part of their wedding (although another insanely talented photographer I really respect will be capturing the beauty of that day!) I still had the honor of taking some engagement pictures for them.  To celebrate this moment, this love, this season.

Amanda and Jake, you guys rock.  Thanks for braving oppressive humidity, for laughing at my jokes, and for just being all around incredible.  I'm so excited for you two.

LOVE the way she looks at him.

Amanda.  You are GORGEOUS.

Love this series...

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