Thursday, July 15, 2010


I hear someone's story.
And sometimes I even get to walk through part of it with them.
And everything else in between.
This family?
They've been there.
They have been dealt circumstances no one would choose.
They have faced realities no one would want.
Because, well...that's life.  Especially in this broken world.
And what did they do?
They lived.
They probably cried when necessary.
And they kept going.  But in that beautiful - sacred kind of way.
When they said yes to getting in front of my camera, I almost cried.  I was so honored.  So honored that they would share their story with me.  So honored that I got to spend time with them.  And so honored that I got to capture in pictures the beauty they've brought to life.

And if you like to read words that matter, words that inspire, words that are beautiful and honest, please... check out Joanna's blog.  I sure do.  And you'll probably cry, too.

Joanna, you are stunning.

And so are you kids.  Especially this awesome lady.

I adore her.

Yep, he rocks.

And so does this guy

I just loved the expressions here.

And all the adorable people together...

This moment made me tear up.

Two beautiful friends.

And yes, I love this.

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