Monday, July 5, 2010

One year

I sat, journal and pen in hand, with giggles bubbling over.  And in that moment I knew.  I just knew.  I was supposed to be a wedding and lifestyle photographer. 
I repeatedly thanked God.  I mean seriously...  This?  I get to do this?  Unbelievable.
I had given up dreaming.  I was willing to accept whatever.  And it's not like I was angry - I was just willing.
And He looked into the depths of me and found something that fits me far beyond what I ever could have dreamed.
My thankful tears dripped onto the page.

That day?

July 4, 2009.

This past year has been crazy. 

And so much more.

Today, I actually have a business.
In March, I attended WPPI.  (Which I still cannot believe and still thank Shootsac and Jessica Claire for making possible with their incredible generosity)  And to give you an idea of why attending this conference was so funny and amazing, when I filled out the form for how long I had been in business, there was NO CATEGORY for me.  Yeah...  I laughed.
I have a real website.  (That I just re-vamped.  If you've got a minute, I'd be stoked if you'd check it out and leave me some feedback!  And a special thank you to Showit for having the best websites EVER.)
We have 4 weddings booked for next year already. 
I have met some of the most incredible photographers.  And people.
My clients so far?  AMAZING.  Or better yet, AWESOME.  :)

I do not know what will happen over this next year.  But, I know this.  I am going to get back to loving and enjoying the ride.  Because somewhere in there I started to worry.  And fret.  And try to figure out every last thing.  And I sucked the life out of it all.
Because instead of trusting the One who started all of this, I started doubting myself.  I spent my energies analyzing everything instead of enjoying anything.
No more...

And just because - here are some pics from my two favorite models in the world.

She was workin' it.

This is me.  Loving him.

Yep.  I just fell over from extreme cuteness overload.


  1. OMG, the picture of Hannah on the bridge is adorable! I checked out the website, mad props girl, I love it! or "pound it" as I've gathered (by stalking you I might add) Hannah might say

  2. your children are precious. i cannot wait to get to know you better next semester at Life!