Thursday, March 25, 2010


He was giddy.
All day.
This doesn't happen often. Laughing? Yes. Giddy? No.
He told me there was a package coming.
I knew. I knew exactly what it was. Because he gets this way when he's done something like this... And I couldn't begin to find words. Because he was giddy. And I was humbled and in shock.
When it arrived, he opened the door and started to perform surgery on the box.
And there it was.
A flash. And not just any flash, a Canon Speedlite 580.
(If you're reading this and you are confused, you should probably read this post from a few weeks back)
I couldn't say anything. I sat there dumbfounded. Humbled. Loved. In disbelief.
I now have a flash, world.
Why? Because my husband found ways to cut our budget and took the money he earned from speaking this month (yep, he's a rock awesome speaker as well) and he then found a used one.
This is where thank you doesn't quite seem to cut it...

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