Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ivy and Dan

It's in those soft, still moments.
Don't get me wrong, their laughter is contagious. And genuine. They're hilarious.
But it's in those slower moments. Those moments where their love is just so deep it drowns out everything else. And they share that smile. And that glance. And that kiss.
These two will be declaring to their friends and family in a few months that they will continue to share those smiles and those glances for a lifetime. They are committing themselves to seeing past the mundane, the ways we all hurt each other and remembering what a gift it is to hold hands and walk through this life with someone so wonderful.
And I couldn't be more excited for them.
Ivy and Dan, there aren't enough words to describe how awesome you are. Thank you for the ways you care for those around you. For dropping your plans to watch our children when we had no other way to go out for our anniversary. For going out of your way to make us feel like family and to find ways to remind us of how beautiful life is. You guys rock.

* And though I would love to keep her a secret, I owe it to any of you around the Chicago area... Ivy is one of the best hair-stylists in the entire world. Seriously. You don't even understand the amazing things that lady can do with hair color and her scissors. So, go check out her website here. You owe it to yourself to go see her. And if you want to hear more, email me ANYTIME.

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  1. Love it, see good work happens even with a concussion!