Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sweet Baby Blythe

Dear Sweet Baby Blythe,

Oh girl... You don't begin to understand how blessed you are. Or maybe you do and that's why you have this sweetness that seems to pour out of every portion of you. You have an incredible mommy and daddy. You've got grandparents who are smitten, a church family that is in LOVE with you and a line of Starbucks baristas ready and waiting to make any frappucino you heart desires.
And I'm sure your mommy and daddy are already telling you, but the One who created you loves you so much it's out of control. I wonder if you can already hear His voice. I wonder if He's already whispering into your ears those echos of "I love you, precious Blythe. I will never leave you. Never..." That's my prayer for you, precious lady. I'm praying that already you hear Him singing over you and that your life is defined by that. I'm praying that you always stay tuned to that voice. And I'm praying for you to feel that love for all the people you are going to meet.
You are precious. Thank you for hanging out with me. And quite honestly, my scarf never looked as good as when you were wearing it. Thank you for already inviting me over. I'm looking forward to hanging out again soon...

Amy Paulson

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