Thursday, March 18, 2010

She stopped

"It's time to go."
We had approximately 15 minutes left before Jayden's stomach would remind him that his belly was on the verge of empty and my little man would basically lose all sense of self control. I was a woman on a mission. Pick them up from the gym's childcare center and hightail it back to the house to appease their growling tummies.
As I headed out of the toddler area, I looked over and saw a little boy who was having an extremely hard time handling life. His cry had moved to the soprano range to help all those around know that he wasn't kidding. And his nose decided to join in unison with the tears pouring forth from his eyes. I said, "Hi, buddy. Awww." and gave him some sort of short-versioned empathetic face as I bolted for the door.
My daughter was approximately three seconds behind prancing toward us probably pretending that she was "Penny" from the movie "Bolt." But what did she do mid-prance? Her bounding little self stopped completely. She surely saw the snot and heard the wails like I did. And she turned to him, put her hands on his shoulders, looked him in the eyes and said, "Oh, buddy. I'm so sorry." She leaned in closer and whispered, "You're going to be okay. I promise."
I stood there simultaneously humbled and equal parts inspired by my daughter. And I whispered a grateful prayer, "Oh, God, thank you for her. I wanna be like that..." May we all live like that. No matter where we're headed or what's going on.

And because pictures are fun, here ya go...