Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Random Thoughts...

The world is not ready for my little lady. Saturday we found ourselves lacing up pink Nike shoes (complete with Velcro) for the first time. She couldn't stop her legs from wiggling with excitement, which made the endeavor of getting into said shoes even better. An hour later we found ourselves amidst a gymnasium of other running-minded 4-6 year olds. The coach entered the scene, gathered the children, and that's when it began.
Yes, welcome to the Hannah show. Her team, the coach and the parents then received her entire life story, my entire life story (even how daddy broke his foot two days before our wedding) and pretty much anything else she thought of. (And just so you know, she thinks...a LOT)
The parents on the sidelines at first were very quiet, but as her 20 minute monologue continued, laughter started to break out. Because she is HILARIOUS. And the things she says? Out of control funny.
So...we will see what happens this next week. If nothing else, we could probably create a college fund for her by charging admission to her practices...

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